Princess Jasmine Jafar porn famous cartoon sex parody

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Jafar uses some manners to seduce Jasmine

September 11th, 2012 by BlogEditor

Jafar changed his tactics – now he wants some sincere response from Jasmine. He uses all his manners to charm the princess, and seems like everything goes well! But one small detail attracts Jasmine’s attention – appears that the vizier has a big hardy down there! Jasmine is shocked and angry, she wants to leave but Jafar already understands that his plan is ruined and uses a simpler weapon to affect the princess – his magic staff. Jasmine falls in his hands, and that’s where all the sexy fun begins! Unconscious Jasmine doesn’t oppose when he fucks her pretty mouth, sticks his stick into her plump butt and squeezes her big breasts! It’s a perfect toon sex episode!

Jafar hypnotizes Jasmine

May 11th, 2012 by BlogEditor

Jafar may not convince Jasmine to have sex with him, but his staff can! By hypnotizing the poor girl he manages to make her obey every word he says! Trembling from impatience he orders her to throw her clothes on and pulls his dick out of his pants to shove it up her tight ass! He pokes her hard, moaning from pleasure, while she silently waits until he’s done. Her face shows indifference to what’s going on as she’s totally knocked out by Jafar’s magic staff! A couple of swift movements and his dick bursts with hot cum which sprinkles all over Jasmine’s naked body! Find another great princess Jasmine porn episodes at GallFree Porn Tube!

Jafar forces Jasmine into sex orgy

May 9th, 2012 by BlogEditor

Kidnapped by ugly Jafar, Jasmine really experiences some hard times right now, as he tries to force her into a sex orgy with him and couple of his guards. She is very angry and simply doesn’t listen to Jafar who tries to talk her in this adventure. Very soon Jafar gets tired of her cussedness and starts to solve the matter with force. First he grabs her hands, ripping some of her clothes and exposing her wonderful plump tits, the squeezes her tight so that she won’t break free, and throws her to bed, cuffing her into chains! It’ll be a very nice gangbang for him and his friends, and there’s no one to save poor Jasmine from it! See what happened next in this lovely Disney porn gallery!

Jafar kidnaps Jasmine for some kinky fun

May 5th, 2012 by BlogEditor

Looks like Jasmine is in big trouble! Mean Jafar kidnapped her from the palace and put into chains for his own entertainment! Her slender body looks so seductive that his boner naturally rips his pants! He looks at her with keen interest, imagining all the dirty things he can do to her! There’s no one to come and rescue her, so soon she’ll get fucked as hard as never before! Just imagine her soft butt pierced by Jafar’s rigid cock and you’ll understand it’ll be a really hard time for her! Come see this exciting Jasmine and Jafar porn and enjoy lovely naked princess Jasmine porn pictures!